We believe in doing good things,

trying our best in everything we

do, and working with love and

joy in our hearts.

Buki Main Long

Owner & Founder Bridgeline Studio

About Bridgeline

Bridgeline’s goal is to create meaningful relationships with our clients, develop a clear road map for their success, and deliver an efficient, high-quality end-result. We want to be the structure that carries you from point-A to point-B. We aim to be the means of connection between you and your target audience.



The Bees Knees

As the Project Manager for Bridgeline, Nicole plays a huge part in booking our clients, facilitating the operations of our business, and planning our project timelines. She doubles as a creative specialist, showcasing her extremely creative eye as well as her impactful and relevant design choices. She single handedly elevates our business to a higher level. On top of that, she is an amazing partner and the best mother our son could ever hope for.

Our Approach

Bridgeline Studio Meets Customers’ Needs
Whether they are an individual or a company seeking promotional materials, all clients usually have multiple products that they will be seeking whether it is a television or radio commercial, training or music video, or a website. At Bridgeline Studio we have chosen to offer production services for the audio, video, and web platforms. We hope to achieve the following for our clients:


  • Comprehensive Service Offerings
  • Decreased Turnaround Time For Product Delivery
  • Strong Brand Representation For Our Clients
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Professional, Experienced, and Talented Staff

Businesses or consumers all basically have the same issues when it comes to finding media production services in Bloomington, Indiana. People will usually go to wherever they are able to get the most “bang for their buck” regardless of whether or not these services are close together. At Bridgeline Studio we will work with our clients to not only provide them with all the services that they need, but we will do everything in our power to make sure they also receive the best deal for their services being received.