A wedding is, without a doubt, one of the most important and life altering events that two people can experience together. With this in mind, it is our goal to help preserve and highlight all of the special moments of this occasion for you. Our experienced staff will first sit down with you to discuss your individual needs. We will make sure to cater to your schedule. Are you having an engagement party? Want to remember your bridal shower? Wouldn’t it be great to have your dress and tux fittings on tape to remember later? We know how important these memories are. Some of these moments become more important later in life, but unfortunately most people did not have anyone taking pictures or video taping these events. This is where we come into play. Our experienced staff will sit down with you long before your big day to discuss all of the little details about your wedding and whether or not it is important to you to highlight those details. We will discuss your personal style, music, hobbies and more so that we can custom tailor your wedding video experience into something truly unique, but more importantly, something that really captures who you and your new spouse really are. We do have some pre-priced packages for your convenience, but all of these packages can be molded to fit your exact needs and price adjustments will be made. Are you on a tight budget? Our free consultation will allow us some time to go over your budget and see how we can make your experience as good as it can possibly be without breaking the bank!

We know how challenging it can be to remember all of the details from your wedding day. Struggling to remember what Aunt Sally was wearing, how beautiful the flowers looked, or how you felt when you kissed each other for the first time as a newly married couple. We want to remove that worry from the equation. So go enjoy your wedding and we’ll capture it for you!

Buki & Nicole

Owners, Bridgeline Studio

Recently we had the pleasure of sharing Sam and Shayne’s wedding day. It truly was a wonderful experience that we will cherish forever!

Our aim, is to always provide memorable engaging wedding films for our couples. Currently, our wedding day packages start at $2,000, but as the needs for each film are unique to each couple, our packages are custom tailored to each situation. Contact us today to get your free quote. We’d love to talk with you about your wedding! It’s our favorite!
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